Alpari and iforex are renowned names in Forex trading

Published: 06th July 2009
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When it comes to the world of foreign exchange, names of alpari and iforex stand out with respect to the features and services that they have to offer. Although they operate from totally different locations they reach out to foreign exchange traders from around the world. Over the years both Alpari and iforex have established quite a reputation for themselves and have won the membership of respectable trading organizations, which give their customers further assurance.

The foreign exchange firm called Alpari is regarded as being one of the oldest operators in the industry. Since its initial years from 1998, the company has come a long way to become a pioneer in their respective field. The fact that they have been operating in the industry for so long gives their customers the satisfaction that they are dealing with a company that is going to safeguard their funds. It is only because of these high-level services that the company offers that it has become an authorized member of the Financial Services Authority.

Alpari has expanded to such an extent that today it has offices set up in more than 20 locations. Some of the prime city centers where this foreign exchange brokerage firm has set up its facilities include Shanghai, Moscow, London and Dubai. The trading volume stretches over $60 billion worth of assets that are traded on a monthly basis. Like its counterpart iforex, this brokerage firm allows traders to open up their account with a small amount of money. Currently bare minimum account opening requirement is set at $200. Furthermore, they facilitate their clients with Meta Trader support which is another plus point about their services.

IForex on the other hand operates from the British Virgin Islands. Their customers will find themselves adequately supported with fast and efficient customer services. They introduced an automated Forex trading system similar to Alpari. However they have kept their interface rather simple so as to provide ease of use to new foreign exchange traders. Along with this they support their clients with easy-to-read charts and graphs.

One of the things that have set Iforex apart from competition is their customer service. This is a very useful for those new to Forex trading because the fast and efficient customer services help them resolve their problems in an instant.

Both Alpari and iforex have set a rather low minimum account requirement so as to attract a lot of new traders. The low minimum account requirement also enables Forex veterans to try out the level and quality of the services that these companies have to offer when looking for a new broker. Furthermore both Alpari and Iforex accept a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods adding flexibility to their services along with which users have the option to work with their online platform or the downloadable versions.

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